ThrYve At Work (e-book)

How Millennials Can Find Meaning and Get Ahead in their Careers

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ThrYve At Work

The world today moves at breakneck speed, and so our pressure to succeed comes earlier in life. Gen Y, or Millennials, have felt the sting to be amazing from day one.

We were put in advanced math classes in 4th grade, signed up for college prep course in our teens, priming our resumes ad-nauseum for four years, and forced to stand out during the worst job market in decades.

Millennials were asked to start thriving way earlier than any other generation, but were not properly equipped to face that challenge. We certainly received more education, and have more access to information and knowledge than any generation before us. But it’s not enough.

A lot of guides offer help, but they overlook or dismiss the uniqueness of our generation’s situation. I personally felt confusion and frustration whenever I tried to find answers on how to do great work and make an impact in the world. I found self-help that was for everyone but me.

I dug into different fields to find answers: cognitive psychology, mindfulness, business strategy, and the biographies of some of the greats. Along the way, I found some nuggets of wisdom. I tried things out; kept what worked, threw away what didn’t. In the end, I had quite a collection of artifacts that were helping me thrive as a proud member of Gen Y.

And because of that, I started writing this book.

This book is for any Millennial, or anyone who loves a Millennial, who needs a little help getting going in the professional world. This book does not teach you how to be ambitious, or idealistic, or kind, because most Millennials already are. This book only helps you start leveraging those unique skills in your career.

While the book is slim, it hopefully prompts a larger conversation on how to thrive at work and make the impact you’ve always wanted.

I broke this book into four sections, each focused on a particularly important part of work.

In Get Noticed, it’s all about what you can do to make an impact right away and introduce solutions that will stick.

In Learn Well and Fast, there are ways you can speed up your learning, and build your working knowledge in a complete way.

Get Far focuses on how to build a reputation of leadership, regardless of your role.

And in Find Meaning in Your Work, I offer some thoughts on how to build a more a meaningful career and find your way.

I hope you enjoy the book. It was written for you and anyone who wants to do great work, find meaning, and get ahead in their careers, but aren’t sure how to get started. It’s for anyone like me who wants to thrive at work, and wants to start today.

In mindfulness, thrive.

Jaime ‘Himay’ Zepeda